Brunch at Ezra’s Kitchen

Is there any experience more hallowed to a self-respecting Londoner than a good weekend brunch?

The long standing tradition combines a couple hours extra sleep, everyone’s favourite breakfast foods, and either a feeling of productivity at doing something with your weekend, or the perfect antidote to a slightly hungover state. Depending on your Friday night.
Ezra’s Kitchen in Wood Green has found the golden spot nestled somewhere in the middle of all of this with their synonymous plate of Ezra’s Breakfast.

Essentially Eggs Benedict with a twist, expect soft poached eggs, Italian ham, avocado, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes on top of a wholegrain bagel. While there are certainly other items of note on their short but sharp menu (the Oreo milkshake in particular, obviously), any first timers should be steered in the breakfast direction for their own sake.

Tapping into the neo-Italian shabby chic vibe Wood Green seems to be owning at the moment, Ezra’s serves up highly Instagrammable food (translation: beautiful) at wallet friendly prices.


Ezra’s Kitchen – 185A High Rd, N22 6BA

Find them on Facebook here.

Ezra's Breakfast



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