Dinner at Joe Allen Covent Garden

In a city filled to the brim with American wannabes, where can you go to find good, authentic grub?

Flashy diners, trashy diners and southern grills have been popping up with wild abandon over the past few years in a bid to fill our need for hearty comfort food. There are days when a stodgy shepherd’s pie just won’t cut the mustard, and we find ourselves yearning for that refined indulgence our transatlantic cousins seem to have perfected so carefully. On just such an occasion, we went down to Joe Allen in Covent Garden for some relaxed nostalgia.

Walking down into the cosy basement of Joe Allen, you’re instantly taken out of the endless movement of Covent Garden and gently placed in an old fashioned, but polished, American brasserie. With moody lighting, fake windows and a pianist accompanying every mouthful, the exposed brick basement is a little protected bubble of cool Americana smack bang in the middle of London.

With classics such as a monster mix grill, spiced ribs and the stellar Joe Allen hot dog to choose from, we’d highly recommend the chopped chilli beef. Served up with guacamole, skillet potatoes and a healthy dollop of sour cream, it’s the best damn chilli we’ve ever had. Hands down.

Top off the meal with the simply gorgeous brownies and there’s no way you’ll go home disappointed.

For more information head to their website at joeallen.co.uk

Joe Allen – 13 Exeter St, London, WC2E 7TD

spiced-ribs pdr-3 meatball-sub brownie-3


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