Crosstown Doughnuts

This is where to find some of the best doughnuts in London.

Step into Crosstown Doughnuts and you’re immediately faced with a tough choice. As rows and rows of beautiful doughnuts are laid out in front of you, how can you possibly choose one?

The day we visited, flavours included classics such as Raspberry Jam, Cinnamon Sugar, and Vanilla Glaze. More unusual offerings included Chai Tea, Chilli Chocolate, Apricot and Lavender, and Sea-Salt Caramel Banana. Their flavours change regularly though, so keep an eye on their website for new ones.

We deliberated for a rather long time, and with some assistance from the helpful staff, finally came to a decision.

Beetroot Lemon-Thyme it was.


We’ll admit, it was the incredible pink-coloured dough that drew us in, but the flavour somehow outshone its unusual appearence.

The slightly earthy, subtle beetroot flavour perfectly carried the delicately lemon-thyme glaze. It wasn’t a sickly-sweet concoction, it was complex, packed with flavour rather than sugar.

It was sheer heaven – we may just have to go back to try the rest of the flavours…

Crosstown have branches in Shoreditch and Soho, and have stalls in markets across London. See for more information. 


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