Deliveroo and the Rise of the Teeny Tiny Restaurant

Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats. Three little phrases that sing to the soul of any self-respecting Londoner.

As anyone that’s been on the wrong side of a wine hangover knows, sometimes there’s nothing to cure your Sunday blues other than to curl up under the biggest blanket you can find – and order in. We all have days when even the holy grail of brunch isn’t enough to drag us away from the safety of a sofa.

Cue Deliveroo. Armed with a fleet of bike couriers they’ve near single-handedly changed the food scene in London forever. Long gone are the days where sweet potato burritos and paneer tikka masalas were just out of reach. Instead, with the infinite choice available it now takes longer to choose dinner than a film on Netflix.

Our poor decision-making skills aside, there has been an unlikely side effect of the delivery service’s ongoing domination: really small restaurants.

Popping up all over the capital are coffee shops, brasseries, and diners serving up the gourmet food of our dreams from a space no bigger than your living room. The boxy bench-lined waiting rooms of the chippy’s and Chinese takeaways of the noughties are steadily being replaced with restaurants that comprise of a kitchen and just a handful of tables.

Is it possible for a restaurant to operate with a tiny number of covers, and thrive through the use of delivery services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo? Ordinarily, in London, anyone lucky enough to be able to afford some real estate pays per square inch, and what with the necessity of having a kitchen and all, a lot of space is needed for people to be able to sit and, well, eat.

However when all you need is a solid Wifi connection to make the magic happen, why not sacrifice some tables and hang on to that intimate, snug feeling that all 8 million of us crave so badly. It’s the ultimate living room experience; because the only way to munch on their fabulous food is to sit at your table, or at theirs.

Whatever the cause may be, the symbiotic relationship between the likes of Deliveroo and the rise of the teeny tiny restaurant only seems to be growing. Anyone fancy a takeaway?


Check out some of London’s pint-sized restaurants below, all are available on Deliveroo:

Bun and Bar – a cocktail and burger bar in Haringey that somehow manage to squeeze in music sometimes as well!

Food Lab – Islington’s answer to the rustic Italian question. Come stai?

Ahi Poké – Delicious Hawaiian-style sushi bowls. This is raw food at its best.


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