Ice cream indulgence at Chin Chin Laboratories

Think the icy weather means it’s too cold for ice cream?

Then prepare to be proven wrong by the glorious Chin Chin Laboratories, serving ice cream for every occasions in the heart of Camden.

Wandering the cobbled backstreets of North East London, it’s easy to miss the unassuming wooden doors of 49 Camden Lock.

From the pavement, you can’t spot the shiny steel pipes and brass coated timers forming an intricately tangled web on the wall, or the staff, shrouded in clouds of white gas, mixing what looks like soil in glass beakers.

When you walk in, you think you’ve entered a scientific laboratory, but instead, you find yourself in Europe’s first nitro ice cream parlour.

Chin Chin Laboratories is situated in the original Camden Lock, serving one of the best ice cream scoops in London. What looks like soil is actually truffle crumble, one of the many weird and wonderful toppings on their menu.


The mish-mash of machinery covering the walls allows the team to make bold and experimental Michelin quality ice cream, frozen with liquid nitrogen, and inspired by the likes of Heston Blumenthal.

Chin Chin’s has been awarded ‘Best Ice Cream Parlour in England’ by The Times, predominantly for their range of weird and wacky flavours. Some of their most zany specials have included green grass, avocado toast and just this Halloween, a walnut crumble and peach sorbet topped with real mealworms. The team has invented over 270 different ice cream flavours since Chin Chin’s opening in 2010. Come December time, they even offer Christmas tree.

As the ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen, the ice particles you find in normal ice cream doesn’t have time to form, resulting in a far smoother and creamier texture. The theatre involved in making each scoop provides heartwarming entertainment in itself, with vast clouds of smoke filling the small shop.

Be sure to head to Chin Chin’s this winter for an upmarket ice cream indulgence you won’t forget in a hurry. And try the burnt butter caramel scoop- sugary decadence at it’s finest.

Open Monday- Sunday 12pm-7pm. 49 Camden Lock, NW1 8AF.


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