The Great British Game Food Festival at Borough Market

The very first Great British Game Food Festival arrived at Borough Market yesterday, bringing rurally sourced food from all over the country to the capital.

Market traders travelled from southern Cornwall, the Scottish highlands, and just about everywhere in between to sell food, drink, and game-themed accessories in the capital.

The first of what organisers hope to be an annual festival, the market kicked off Great British Game Week in style, with 12 stalls taking over a sizeable corner of Borough Market. Great British Game Week celebrates game of all kinds, and has other events such as a cookery day at the Michel Roux Jr cookery school, and a special tasting menu at the Galgorm Resort and Spa.

Game covers any animal killed in the wild to be made into food. It includes partridge, venison, pigeon, rabbit, and pheasant, among many others. One of the strongest appeals of eating game, emphasised at the event, is that the meat will have had no antibiotics, preservatives, or chemicals of any kind fed to it in food production. This is a trend that mainstream meat is following more and more, with as yet unknown effects on our health.

In addition, the carbon footprint of eating game is much lower than most poultry, beef, lamb and pork, and the animals are free to lead a life in the wild with total free will, up to the point when they are shot or caught.

In the video below, we spoke to some of the vendors at the event to establish why they think game is such an important part of food culture in Britain. Let us know what you think, or if you went to the event!


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